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Ninth Annual Holiday Photo Gallery

Nine revolutions around the sun for “Traversing” this week, which lands us on the doorstep of our Ninth Annual Holiday Photo Gallery. Today, we will wander as we please, linger where we want, and emerge all the better in the spiritual and aesthetic nourishment that is so fundamental to our very survival as self-reflective creatures with an eye always scanning ahead toward more joyful horizons.

May these shots from stellar photographers around the world be worth more than any 1,000 words I could pull together as we inch ahead, ready or not—because time just does not care—toward 2022.

With the good news being: still here!


Poof! Good-bye, 2021…by Doug Wheller


She’s a lady—and an imposing one, at least from this angle…by dr.larsbergmann


Apparently not his first rodeo…by Klim Musalimov


Just another crazed cumulus…by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


Into the mystic in Mya...

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Nutrition for the Eyes: A Holiday Photo Gallery

In this “Special Holiday Edition!” of the Traversing blog, I’m going to severely crimp on the words. Instead, I’ll let us all scroll and feast on just a sampling of the vision and verve exemplified by the photographers who have helped fill out the picture, as it were, of the world we have been exploring, questioning, and elaborating upon over the last year.

I offer this specifically as deep and lasting “nutrition” rather than the popular phrase “eye candy,” because photography such as this is calorically dense and nutritious fare that feeds us in untold ways. It is life-enhancing, with the power to stay with us and suggest new ways of pausing, seeing and absorbing the world in front of us.

So let’s get right down to it.

By Mahesh Telkar

“Lovely” and “beautiful” seem just hopelessly inadequate here…

By Bahman Farzad

How delicate yet powerful those wings.

By Pétur Gauti Valgeirsson

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