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Running From Fear: Islamic Jihad and the Purported Doom of America

Watching the entirety of the Republican presidential debate Wednesday night and then reading the transcript the next morning, I felt compelled to check my passport and a calendar to make sure I’m not living in Poland in 1939, right after Hitler’s armies moved in with their tanks, robbing us of our sovereignty and destroying our way of life.

To hear the candidates tell it, we have never lived in more perilous times, nor has our country ever been in as sad-sack shape as we are now under the craven and cowardly leadership of President Obama.

Ben Carson: “We need to be on a war footing. We need to understand that our nation is in grave danger.”

Jeb Bush: “We need to restore the defense cuts of Barack Obama to rebuild our military, to destroy ISIS before it destroys us.”

Chris Christie: “We have people across this country who are scared to death…If a center for the developmentally disabled in San Bernardi...

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