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Prophecy for All At the Jewish Prophet School

According to a year-end Associated Press report, a Jewish “prophet school” is causing controversy in Israel, offending traditionalists who say the era of prophecy is over and will not return till the coming of the long-awaited Messiah and the rebuilding of the second temple in Jerusalem.

Besides, Jewish thought insists prophecy is a gift from God, not an acquired skill like baking or computer programming. (Actually, computer programming does strike me as a gift from God, as does trigonometry, carpentry, and numerous other talents that God, in her infinite and unknowable wisdom, has forsaken gifting me with throughout my life.)

“It’s like opening a school to become Einstein or Mozart,” complains Rachel Elior, religion professor at Jerusalem University.

“Cain and Abel School of Prophecy” founder Shmuel Hapartzy is unmoved, and claims that in 40 brief classes (and for 200 shekels—about $53) he can t...

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