Seventh Annual Holiday Photo Gallery

I’ve noticed something of late: In both my work and my blogging life, I pore over so many thousands of photographs through the course of a day and a year that I have sometimes begun to feel jaded and not all that impressed. “Another 9,000-shades-of-orange sunset, yawn…”

That of course, is when I need to give myself a not-so-slight whack on the head with my vintage edition of “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind,” and remind myself—yet again, and again—how truly magnificent the world is, and how much we owe to photographers who help us see and think about it more attentively, with greater appreciation for its depth and breadth, detail and wonder.

So! Welcome to Traversing’s Seventh Annual Holiday Photo Gallery, guaranteed to bring you, if not great luck and fortune, at least a smile and, I trust, an involuntary “Wow!” and “Ooh!” or two. The pixels, please…


Good to the Last Drop, by Joel Valve


Cootie and Coot, by Ingrid Taylar


Good Moon Risin’, White Sands National Monument, by John Fowler


King of the Roadkill, by Kevin Burkett


Dolphin Nebula, by Martin Heigan


Up, Up—But Never Away, by Sara Morishige Williams


Know When to Hold ‘Em & Fold ‘Em, by Mahesh Telkar


A Hat to Hold On For, by Melody Jacobs


Grounded, But Just for the Moment, by Andrew Hidas


The Land That Time Nor Anyone Else Will Forget, by Magdalena Roeseler


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Deep appreciation to the photographers! Unless otherwise stated, some rights reserved under Creative Commons licensing.

Elizabeth Haslam, whose photos (except for the books) grace the rotating banner at top of page.

Library books photo by Larry Rose, all rights reserved, contact:

Fountain dance by Joel Valve, Peru

Coots by Ingrid Taylar, San Frqncisco

White Sands moonrise by John Fowler, Placitas, New Mexico

Roadkill by Kevin Burkett, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dolphin Nebula, by Martin Heigan, Johannesburg, South Africa

Kid in air by Sara Morishige Williams, San Francisco

Linen folder by Mahesh Telkar, Anantapur, India

Fashion model by Melody Jacobs, Ukraine  

Butterfly by Andrew Hidas, Durham, North Carolina

Tuscany Hills by Magadalena Roeseler, Switzerland 

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  • ncwomenpreaching  says:

    Lovely, thank you!

    • Andrew Hidas  says:

      You’re most welcome, glad you enjoyed!

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