Songs of Summer

Too much fun, too many fine memories & associations, too much heart-gladdening goodness & grooviness not to share this trio of songs on this glorious NorCal morning. You no doubt have your own favorite songs of the season, your own lovingly tended images of tops down, sand in every nook and cranny of your skin, barefootin’ and bare whatever-else. Savor them, indulge, slow the hell down for just a minute or two or quite a few more—it’s a good day for it.

Happy solstice, dear readers–now get going on that epic amblin’ & shamblin’ along that restores and reminds us how thoroughly life is worth livin’.


3 comments to Songs of Summer

  • Jim  says:

    Great music and great old sounds. Thanks for finding the time to post these.

  • Rick Graey  says:

    Mr. Hidas, I have been in a funk (Humboldt, on the bay, rarely gets sunny) but you’re spinning some great tunes! We listened to Mungo Jerry, through Pirate Radio, in Europe; what great memories! Hard not to drift back to summers in Running Springs! Thanks for the memories.

  • Dennis Ahern  says:

    We were on our way to Lake Tahoe last week and were nearing Winnemucca and a late breakfast stop. My daughter had her iPod going and through the earbuds I could hear the unmistakable “tse…..tsetse…uh…..tse…..tsetse……uh” and knew that she had, improbably, discovered one the timeless joys of summer music. “I just found it” she said when I asked her how she happened to have that song on her play list. After breakfast the whole car was “Da da da da da, yeah we’re hap-pap-py
    Da da da dee da doo dee da dee da dee da da, yeah” all the way out of town and into the Nevada deserts.

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