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God Is (Fill in the Blank…)

My recent post on excerpts from the book, “The Best Things Ever Said About God,” reminded me, as I mulled subsequent comments and conversations about it over the past several days, of an exercise we did at the semi-annual retreat of my church’s Worship Associates a few months ago. Our minister gave us five minutes to consider this fill-in-the-blank sentence: “God is…”, and another five minutes to jot down our thoughts.

It was brief, it was largely off the top of our heads, and it was from a group of Unitarian Universalists, who have established a rather well-deserved reputation, it would seem, for their free-thinking conceptions of the divine. The result was a quite lovely and varied set of 15 brief reflections that seem worthy of sharing and pondering, particularly as a natural follow-up to the post earlier this week.

They were also anonymous, which I found added to my own ability to listen attent...

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