water words

wet   life   drip   moist   damp   cloud

here   yes   drink   suck   slurp   gulp

gone   none   parched   pinched   paucity

salve   swim   immerse   cleanse   anoint

where   there   mirage   drought   dry

slip   slide   ease   merge   one   spurt

grasp   groan   cracked   arid   shrivel

douse   dunk   splash   soak   wade.


now oh lord deep bless bliss wet


Water Play by Prashant Godbole


Hands to Heavens by Rob McIlvaine



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3 comments to water words

  • Angela  says:

    And the song that immediately came to my mind: http://youtu.be/OMg5EuT3WuQ

  • Dennis Ahern  says:

    And this is the song that came immediately to mind for me. http://youtu.be/Xk1e03WIHEk

  • Andrew Hidas  says:

    Thanks, Angela and Dennis, wasn’t familiar with either of those and am very glad to make their acquaintance! For some reason, my watery songs coming to mind were more about the rain rather than waterfalls or swimming. Which strikes me as a potential Rorschach test kind of question: Where does your mind go when you think “Water & Wet?” Gurgling brooks, hurricanes, swimming on a summer’s day, thawing glaciers, just a tab of water to leaven your scotch? Mine went to all the rain songs I have known and loved over many years, foremost as I type here ,“The Early Morning Rain,” a Gordon Lightfoot tune done admirably, with alluring early morning rain softness, by Peter, Paul & Mary just short of FIFTY years ago! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OCnHNk2Hac

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